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Theme Features

Reach is a premium Shopify theme that expands your market in an accessible, appealing way. Unlike other Shopify themes, Reach helps you connect with more customers by telling a compelling product story, building community around your brand, and delivering a seamless shopping experience that’s optimized for mobile.

Reach comes with three stunning styles to help you customize the look and feel of your store. Check out our demos to see the Natural, Solid, and Plush theme styles in action.

Key Features

Designed for Visual Storytelling - Tell your brand or product story with a dedicated 'Story' page linked in the header.

Mobile-First Design - Designed specifically for handheld devices to help you increase mobile sales.

Product-Focused Testimonials - Feature product images in customer testimonials, and link directly to the product page.

Image, Icon, and Animation Effects - Customize animations and icon styles to create a more playful shopping experience.

Product Image Zoom - Give customers a closer look at product details when they hover over images on product pages.

Social Sharing Options - Share your story, products, or posts via social icons in testimonials and other sharing features.

Full documentation for Reach can be found here.

World-Class Customer Support

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